Author Name Published
Chad's girlfriend finds a doll that really starts changing him...for the better
10/13/18 10:11 PM
Kyle awakes in a stranger room with his best friend tyring to free him from a biker gang...with certain powers...
8/24/18 5:01 AM
...what will beCUM of Charlie and Ryan?
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7/20/15 6:26 PM
Melvillain 7/20/15 2:05 AM
Overnight Ryan's desires change Charlie and Tyler's personalities and bodies in strange, unexpected ways
7/17/15 9:45 PM
Melvillain 7/16/15 6:14 PM
With the necklace off Ryan begins to become Alpha again and Charlie tries to understand the instructions and fix things
7/15/15 5:03 PM
The magic of the stone starts to affect Ryan even more...and begins to bleed into Charlie as well
7/15/15 1:15 AM
Charlie's necklace has a strange effect on his straight bodybuilding crush at the gym
7/14/15 1:33 AM