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Darren comes out of an operation that has had to reconstruct his penis, and Gary must be there for the jock who used to bully him in high school with an app connected to his manhood.
8/6/20 7:48 PM
Dr Smith makes a donation to Goodwill, only for the guy to pick it up to be a total prick about the clothes he's donating. So the hypnotist decides to have the guy try on a few lewd pieces.
7/28/20 8:35 PM
This body is really proving to be a challenge for the horny and raunchy ghost to control. Can Polter pull together some sort of plan to fully enjoy his night?
7/11/20 6:24 PM
5/29/20 7:18 PM
Possessed by a sexual poltergeist, the man cruises a lit gay neighborhood to be used and screwed with.
5/13/20 9:45 AM
A horny ghost makes his way into a house and spots himself a hot guy to possess.
4/25/20 9:22 AM
3527 words
Tyler uses a magic marble to set his older brother up for a hilarious dance.
1/25/20 7:30 AM
11/24/19 12:26 PM
Not only does Vincent prove his voodoo doll works, he has a little fun at Jordan's expense.
11/2/19 8:17 AM
Vincent tries pitching a working voodoo doll to his very skeptical boss.
10/17/19 8:03 PM