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Two young men, fresh out of college and carrying big aspirations, are about to present their exciting new invention to one of the world's largest tech companies.
5/30/20 8:35 PM
Nathan continues his internal struggle, while Lane is returned to the school.
5/11/20 11:15 PM
1/5/20 11:17 AM
Todd takes a detour to Chester's house. Chester's father arrives home early from work.
1/2/20 11:39 AM
Mark is sick of his slovenly, lazy roommate. Fortunately, with the new computer program he has developed, soon everything will change...
7/11/18 12:00 AM
6/21/18 12:16 AM
Peach begins his reorientation. Willis tracks down the warehouse.
4/14/18 11:58 PM
Willis has been ambushed by Shitforbrains. Meanwhile, Peach's ride back to the station with Higgins takes an eventful turn...
4/8/18 11:57 PM
Having secured his prize from under the noses of the British, Willis starts to explore new areas of his personality...and Peach....
3/23/18 11:27 PM
Willis wants more cigarettes, but Boss has a job for him to do first.
1/27/18 11:49 PM