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Ad goes to the beach, and picks a napping guy to have fun with.
3/9/20 8:27 AM
Chaz discovers a new desire when the sun sets at a local cruising spot
4/21/19 12:49 PM
This is a story i started a while ago, which I lost direction with, so I'm posting it here as a community story so others can finish it (and so Martin can make sure the new community story feature works!). The basic premise was a stealther gets his "cum"uppance
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2/3/19 11:43 PM
1484 words
A man finds his standards changing
1/22/19 7:20 PM
A guy tells his flat mates about his sex filled night, but when he gets them pills with the aim of giving them the same experience, things don't quite go to plan.
11/27/17 6:43 PM
A straight guy does gay for pay, but a devious photographer has other plans
1/23/16 8:19 PM
Owen should of taken the hints, and not thought he could change Lisa
11/15/15 12:19 PM
I dare my flatmate to listen to some hypno file rubbish (Flip side of Hypno Dare)
11/9/15 12:11 AM
This was a story I wrote based on the original Bubble series, and was a kind of test of using two perspectives intertwined to tell the story
11/8/15 4:00 PM
Ad likes the swim champ, and gets his training buddies at the same time
6/27/15 8:08 AM