Author Name Published
Author Name Published
PersonalStories Cameron’s conditioning was completed. He was ready for his final visit to the clinic. 7/15/18 1:22 PM
PersonalStories How will Karl react to Cameron’s real identity? 7/15/18 1:12 PM
PersonalStories At the clinic, Cameron was subjected to his special conditioning. 7/14/18 11:48 AM
PersonalStories With Sean departure, Cameron was left suspended in the middle of the basement. He was unable to stop his torments, this madness. 7/10/18 10:56 AM
PersonalStories Under a gas influence, Cameron was lead to put on Sean’s complete outfit and take his place. 7/6/18 12:30 AM
PersonalStories Corrected: In a SWAT operation, Cameron pushed himself in a very uncomfortable position after he discover a concealed laboratory. 6/2/18 12:21 PM
PersonalStories The cops have been prepared for their final destination. 5/6/18 12:52 AM
PersonalStories Being stripped from all their legitimacy, the cops were now forced to don ‘new’ uniforms. 4/29/18 12:51 PM
PersonalStories The bikers had already made up their minds. Josh, younger than his partner, had chosen Scott’s because of his firm butt and 6 packs showing under his tight pants and shirt uniform. The girls were crazy about him. He was already dreaming about his future conquests. John, more practical, preferred Max with his so intense steel blue eyes. 4/19/18 11:26 PM
PersonalStories After his vacation, a civilian working in an army base found he has gain some capability 2/19/18 1:47 AM