Author Name Published
Peter Quill investigates a distress signal from space, facing off against a slimy alien species.
9/14/18 4:52 AM
Hypnocigarboy 7/16/18 4:21 AM
Hypnocigarboy 5/10/18 1:31 AM
Ron sneaks into an abandoned aircraft hangar looking to scavenge lost items, and finds himself in a sticky situation with the ghosts of the past.
4/24/18 6:58 AM
After a stressful string of losses, Peter Parker finds just what he needs, a gift from an old friend.
4/10/18 2:19 AM
A group of football players are abducted and forced into alien servitude.
Insufficient Tags
4/4/18 8:35 AM
Hypnocigarboy 3/22/18 3:37 PM
Chris and his friends Mike and Greg get scouted for a very special program
3/19/18 1:44 PM
Hypnocigarboy 2/16/18 7:16 PM
Eddie Brock kidnaps and dishes out his revenge on Peter Parker.
2/6/18 8:46 PM