Author Name Published
Matthew's Finale with Brian. Brian proposes and Matthew accepts... but why are they attending a strange party with a mix of older gentlemen and young, hot hunks?
3/8/18 12:34 AM
Matthew is ready to get a new therapist... but is all as it seems?
3/3/18 3:08 AM
xesulliv 2/23/18 6:00 PM
Philip is such a handsome young man, he makes for a beautiful secretary. Long dark lashes, black hair, green eyes. More beautiful than a woman. It's perfectly natural for Matthew to act on his attraction to the raven-haired boi.
2/20/18 9:03 PM
It's time for Matthew to heal so he can finally open up to male friendships, which he has been avoiding for years. Good thing his therapist is there to guide him every step of the way.
2/19/18 3:59 PM
Brian exerts more control over his Excellent Subject.
2/17/18 12:12 AM
Matthew has anger problems stemming from a multitude of issues. Faith in his therapist is one way for him to BREAKTHROUGH the pain... and Brian is the perfect man to make it all feel better.
2/14/18 10:17 PM
Nash finally gets the cock of his dreams... with absolutely no drawbacks.
1/17/18 12:14 AM
Nash's second wish doens't turn out as he had hoped, which prompts him to be very deliberate with the phrasing of his final wish. There's no way the wizard could misinterpret this last wish... no way!
1/13/18 9:42 PM
xesulliv 1/11/18 1:49 AM