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After their drenching the boys move along into the next room and find another wanderer.
6/1/19 6:04 PM
Tattcub 5/30/19 3:15 PM
Tattcub 6/17/18 12:51 PM
Tattcub 6/12/18 2:47 PM
Jimmy and Mack are part of Bennett's stable but what happens next?
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6/10/18 2:11 PM
How much do you want it ? Desires can be expensive. This is a taster for an idea. I'd love some thoughts.
6/8/18 12:20 AM
Well, James may have made a little error in judgement somewhere along the lines.
6/2/18 10:09 PM
Tattcub 5/19/18 5:44 PM
James enlists some help to dig into Saul Bennett and Priapus pictures. More to come. More detailed transformations to follow.
5/16/18 1:31 AM
Based on Absmans fab story Why you shouldn't Trust Saul Bennett. This is a teaser. Haven't really written for a while and this is the set up to an idea.
5/13/18 12:59 PM