Author Name Published
Derek Williams
Ned can't believe that Devon wants to hook up with him. There's a catch.
10/20/18 8:01 AM
Derek Williams
Cole decides to throw his own birthday party. He has a thing for muscle bros, and he's also hacked the universe.
10/18/18 8:17 AM
Derek Williams
Simon has a girl on the side. His buddy Jason helps keep the wife out of it.
10/17/18 6:55 AM
Derek Williams
Ben bought one goddamned tanktop. It takes over his life.
10/15/18 10:37 PM
Derek Williams
Jesse becomes a musclebound himbo the moment he leaves the office.
6/18/18 2:20 AM
Derek Williams
When Dan's mission goes wrong, headquarters finds themselves under attack.
5/2/18 7:27 AM
Derek Williams
The genie is unleashed on a bookish nerd in the library.
11/9/17 5:15 PM
Derek Williams
After a stressful semester a group of friends stay in an unusual hotel
4/24/16 7:37 PM
Derek Williams 2/7/16 9:12 AM
Derek Williams 4/2/15 4:12 AM