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Author Name Published
mcbaer One evening a pair of flamboyant young men dare each other to visit a shady looking tattoo and piercing studio, not knowing that this night will change their lives forever. 7/24/18 8:33 PM
mcbaer After a space merchant vessel perceives an unknown transmission as a distress call, its landing on the source moon finds one of the crew attacked by a mysterious lifeform, and they soon realize that its life cycle has merely begun. 5/19/18 7:37 AM
mcbaer A horny college student stumbles upon a mysterious website, every man whose picture gets uploaded there turns into an irresistible bearish hunk. Only thing he doesn't know is that the best fap session of his life might have unforeseen consequences. 3/30/18 6:52 PM
mcbaer Just a standard evening between a group of friends, playing some video games, bantering around, checking out a website that turns their pictures into those of bearded, hirsute men in fetish gear... wait what? 12/9/17 1:14 AM
mcbaer A man returns home and isn't feeling too well, it appears he might be coming down with something... 12/2/17 9:21 AM
mcbaer Father and son notice that their next door neighbors are missing. Could these big, bearded, cigar smoking men that they've been seeing in the neighborhood recently have anything to do with it? 8/5/17 3:23 PM
mcbaer A college student discovers that a weekend out in the country can have very transformative effects! 7/22/17 8:14 PM
mcbaer The lives of a successful CEO and a janitor addicted to sex become intertwined through a series of mysterious events. 7/15/17 1:14 AM
mcbaer Two roommates find their lives completely transformed after one of them has the misfortune of running into a certain leather bear during his night out with friends. 7/8/17 10:15 PM
mcbaer Certain bitchy twink has a forceful change of heart after running into one of his old suitors. 7/3/17 6:17 PM
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