Author Name Published
Albatross 6/7/05 8:00 PM
magister 6/6/05 8:00 PM
A Co-Worker Is Completely Recreated - Part One
6/6/05 8:00 PM
LLOYD311 5/31/05 8:00 PM
Mind control competition flares up on a college campus
5/29/05 8:00 PM
Onix 5/28/05 8:00 PM
A boy from the future steals Colin's heart ... and body!
5/25/05 8:00 PM
Chester 5/20/05 8:00 PM
FanTCman 5/18/05 8:00 PM
Jim inhales a drug that makes him desperate for sex with men
5/13/05 8:00 PM

Current selection of the top rated stories - 2nd half of 2018

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One of the hottest stories in the 2nd half of 2018
Author Name Published
After a steamy encounter at the gym, Ed a shy office worker, gains the ability to turn people into bears. Will he become a superhero and use them to fight crime, or will they just be a means of bringing his homoerotic fantasies to life? Tune in to this week's issue of The Bearifier to find out!
12/31/18 12:03 PM

Mind control

One of the most hypnotic stories in the 2nd half of 2018
Author Name Published
Frank likes structure and rules in his home. Desmond likes corrupting families. Whatever could happen when the two meet?
11/29/18 11:33 AM

Wanking material

One of the best wanking stories in the 2nd half of 2018
Author Name Published
Scott gets lost in the woods and stumbles into a bear’s cave.
11/3/18 10:38 PM


One of the best written stories in the 2nd half of 2018


One of the most inventive stories in the 2nd half of 2018

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Author Name Published
Willie Cici
Donnie didn't want to sign up for the gym, but he decided to sign up for "The Lifetime Plan" . . .
6/17/16 5:18 AM
A hotshot resident starts a relationship with relationship with a timid, closeted orderly.
5/29/13 8:00 PM
What are the chances a sexy jock becomes a horny boytoy? 100%, apparently...
1/2/09 7:00 PM
Wesley Bracken
A curious reporter finally gets the interview he's been looking for.
7/9/14 6:44 PM
A straight mans mind is controlled and he finds himself forced into submission.
3/31/08 8:00 PM
Willie Cici
A student is enrolled in a post-high school prep school. The lessons he learns . . .
1/24/15 1:17 PM
A school football player gets acting lessons from a horny teacher.
2/10/08 7:00 PM
A 'cleaning lady' takes advantage of an exhausted Jesse when he finds his employer's friend resting on the couch.
4/13/15 2:37 PM