Author Name Published
Lau 5/22/05 8:00 PM
Chester 5/20/05 8:00 PM
FanTCman 5/18/05 8:00 PM
Jim inhales a drug that makes him desperate for sex with men
5/13/05 8:00 PM
One guy unleashes a plan to transform his friend
5/8/05 8:00 PM
lycojaxx 5/8/05 8:00 PM
Brian offends his cat-loving neighbour one too many times.
5/4/05 8:00 PM
Freyr & Vicktor
A football team is helpless against a man who can stop time.
5/3/05 8:00 PM
In the future it takes more than bankruptcy to forgive debts
5/3/05 8:00 PM
Xyggurat 5/2/05 8:00 PM

Current selection of the top rated stories - 1st half of 2018

8th selection
Every other Saturday we present a new selection of one of the highest rated stories or series for each rating category.


One of the hottest stories in the 1st half of 2018
Author Name Published
TickledPink 6/11/18 8:47 AM

Mind control

One of the most hypnotic stories in the 1st half of 2018
Author Name Published
After a space merchant vessel perceives an unknown transmission as a distress call, its landing on the source moon finds one of the crew attacked by a mysterious lifeform, and they soon realize that its life cycle has merely begun.
5/19/18 7:37 AM

Wanking material

One of the best wanking stories in the 1st half of 2018


One of the best written stories in the 1st half of 2018
Author Name Published
A young gay couple invite their youth group counsellor over for a visit
5/5/18 5:32 AM


One of the most inventive stories in the 1st half of 2018
Author Name Published
A dedicated writer has a chance to longer dream of his fantasy but the opportunity to live it.
5/19/18 12:04 AM

This week's selection of stories from the archives

31st selection
Each Wednesday we'll present 10 stories or series selected randomly out of our archives
Author Name Published
A bro with a fetish for girls calling him Daddy might see it from their perspective.
3/5/17 1:31 AM
Willie Cici
A New York banker inherits his grandfather's estate. He inherits more than he expects . . .
5/12/16 8:54 PM
Random Numbers
Dale takes on hypnosis - with an unexpected effect on his brother
3/18/09 8:00 PM
Willie Cici
Eric can't get it right, but the path he takes has irreversible consequences . . .
6/25/17 3:29 AM
Willie Cici
Jace loves his morning jogs in the park.
1/3/16 4:48 AM
A man's girlfriend convinces him to visit an X rated hypnosis show. He and the other men in the audience have their minds expanded.
7/10/17 9:02 PM
Robert M
This was my attempt at a military NCMC story. The set up might be a little long. I do see it as having more chapters. So this is Chapter One. I also released I wanted to shift the motivation from revenge to connection. I think I am more of a romantic than anything else. That's it hope you like it.
5/10/17 3:25 AM
Willie Cici
The Delta House has a new faculty advisor who has plans for the frat boys.
2/28/15 12:44 AM