Story Challenge Supernatural - Open for more admissions!
Author Name Published
3462 words
The Knights of the Round Table are charged to pursue a noble quest - - -
7/12/15 2:58 PM
5972 words
Demons/Extra Dimensional Entities called Harvesters feed by sucking dick. This story begins with Blake.
7/9/15 10:54 PM
7/9/15 4:42 PM
Alec and Ben continue their quest for profit.

7/9/15 2:29 PM
4468 words
Justin wanted to find out for himself why his roommate couldn't get enough of his new video game - - -
7/6/15 7:39 PM
2576 words
For, Sonny, it was like music to his ears - - -
6/28/15 4:05 PM
3784 words
Mario downloads a new app to help with his bodybuilding contest prep. But not long after he starts to change...
6/27/15 7:26 PM
Ad likes the swim champ, and gets his training buddies at the same time

6/27/15 8:08 AM
5977 words
The state has mandated that all men undergo a re-orientation. Our protagonist recounts his experience.
6/25/15 7:26 PM
1593 words
A stockbroker takes his girl to a private gallery showing, and learns a lesson regarding modern art.
6/25/15 12:17 PM

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1st selection
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One of the hottest stories in the 2nd half of 2019

Mind control

One of the most hypnotic stories in the 2nd half of 2019
Author Name Published
2640 words
Marty Pearson is a country singer who's time is about up. However, some help from a handsome, blue-eyed blond might help him find a second coming.
7/7/19 7:10 AM

Wanking material

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One of the best written stories in the 2nd half of 2019


One of the most inventive stories in the 2nd half of 2019
Author Name Published
3746 words
A college kid gets a hair cut he will never forget...or never remember. (Dirty story not for everyone)
7/9/19 5:14 PM

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94th selection
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Author Name Published
A fairy tale...of sorts...about a prince under and unusual curse
1/3/07 7:00 PM
4545 words
A caring son uses a subliminal file to help his Dad mellow out. He doesn't realize that it works both ways...
7/2/14 1:08 AM
2576 words
For, Sonny, it was like music to his ears - - -
6/28/15 4:05 PM
Things worse after my failed attempt to escape
7/9/16 12:04 PM
Jesse visits a local store to buy an embarrasing swim suit, a speedo.
7/20/13 8:00 PM
3218 words
2/22/14 7:00 PM
45yo Patrick gets closer to the Eastern European scene than he wanted
11/5/06 7:00 PM
Ralph convinces a young college stud to swap bodies with him
9/23/06 8:00 PM