Author Name Published
MasterJerker The Editor 2
A superhero is planning on taking down a new supervillain, little does he realize that the closer he gets to the villain, the more he changes.
12/12/18 12:13 PM
JR_Sagger Cupid's Arrow 4
A young executive finds himself signing up to a romance site which turns his world upside-down. It starts out small, where he realizes some of his unknown fetishes.
12/12/18 7:09 AM
SloChangr Real Change Takes Time 3
James gets an new app on his phone that let's him make changes to himself and his roommates
12/12/18 7:06 AM
Willie Cici Missing Person 2
A councilman's son did not go home last night. They found his car, but it couldn't be . . .
12/11/18 5:19 PM
Willie Cici Dante 5
Dante Denuit finds himself enjoying his Paris afternoon . . .
12/11/18 5:19 PM
Rozza22365 White twin boyfriends are just clones
Gay twink is kidnapped, by someone with odd plans for him
12/11/18 5:18 PM
Rozza22365 The Jock across the road
Derrick is on his way to work but is intrigued by some jocks looking at him oddly
12/11/18 5:18 PM
Razz TFs Turnabout Is Fair Play 2
The demon Razzor installs a magical app on his human lover Derek's phone, after having his dick shrunken down to nothing. Derek's idea of payback involves a much slower plan, starting with some size-swapping and eventually some chastity.
12/11/18 5:17 PM
Rozza22365 The Family Tradition
Dan receives a gift from his brother Jacob so he will fit in the family better
12/11/18 5:17 PM
Rozza22365 ASMR TFs
Steve is recommended a weird video
12/11/18 6:46 AM

This week's selection of the top rated stories in 1st half of 2018

11th selection
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One of the highest rated stories in 1st half of 2018
Author Name Published
bleuboy Bulges 5
Brad finds out what exactly Bulges, a new night club in Houston, offers to its patrons.
8/12/18 9:32 PM


One of the highest rated stories in 1st half of 2018


One of the highest rated stories in 1st half of 2018
Author Name Published
babiedboi Hostile Takeover 3
Corporate executive has no idea that a trip to his company's doctor would expose him to hypnosis - soon his deepest secrets would be revealed and used against him.
4/14/18 1:29 PM

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Author Name Published
BodybuilderWannaBe Changing team
Rugby player Derek thought that he could simply jump ship without any problem. Oh how wrong he was...
6/2/17 7:49 AM
Andyrew36  Trickster in the Woods 2
When two lovers travel deeper into the wood
9/9/17 12:16 AM
Mafistov The Game - Ch. 1
Men are kidnapped and manipulated into playing a game
8/5/06 8:00 PM
Smudge The Doctor's Betrayal
The Doctor is reunited with an old friend, only to have him turn on him!
2/22/11 7:00 PM
rubbrsome The Tank
A new employee strange job has him harvesting innocent men.
1/26/16 5:56 PM
One Ring Billy's Birthday Surprise Part I
Previously posted at SlaveNow Yahoo Group, this recount's Billy's Birthday Surprise
12/22/09 7:00 PM
gymmuscle The Change 27
The final chapter of The Change, are there any happily ever afters?
10/30/15 6:02 PM
BlackBoots The Curse of the Narcissus
QB Tyler Carlyse tries to call the plays again
2/11/12 7:00 PM
The Syrme Mist
Sex dreams. What can go wrong?
11/12/17 12:50 PM
Good Boy The Nympho Choice
Samantha uses nanobots to get revenge on her boyfriend. [MF]
7/3/06 8:00 PM